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Your search is concluded. Your quest is fulfilled. You have now reached the long lost realm known in legends as MaiM's World. And feel welcome traveller, because you are about to embark on an extraordinary adventure as you explore the vast continents of this world. As you may already have noticed, the number of continents differs from the real world. But this is a remarkable place with many strange features and it craves a strong heart and an adventurous mind to find them all.

So there is no need to linger around here - be a vagabond in this great world where reality meets fantasy and fantasy is for real...






Here you'll find all the personal information.



A guided tour of my unpretentious flat.


Curriculum Vitae

The complete list of my achievements this far.



A section dedicated to all my passions.



My photo album, with pics of everything and nothing.



Leave a footprint and write your opinion.



Links to friends and other websites.



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