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Curriculum Vitae


Skolgatan 27
830 80 Hoting

Cell: +46 (0)70 - 641 67 73


Date of Birth
September 11, 1975

Place of Birth
Hoting, Sweden




Wind Energy
Gotland University, 2009 -

Umeå University, 2001 - 2003

Energy Engineering
Umeå University / SLU in Umeå, 1997 - 2002

Introduction Course in Natural Science
Umeå University, 1996 - 1997

Construction Methods and Structural Engineering
Hjalmar Strömmer skolan, Strömsund 1991 - 1994



Operating Manager
Nordisk Vindkraft AB, 2009 -
Employed as the Operating Manager at Nordisk Vindkraft, a subsidiary to RES Ltd, for their plants in the region of Östersund. Responsible for the operation as well as the maintenance and functions as the "spider in the web" towards contractors. The assignment also have me in charge of the work environment, health and safety regulations and a couple of employees that also works at the plants in the region.

Energy Engineer
Skellefteå Kraft AB, 2009
Employed as an Energy engineer with the task to act as an consultant towards business clients. Establishing energy plans and energy management systems. Educate within the vast field of energy efficiency and special assignments concerning life cycle analysis and technical support.

Shift Manager/Operating Engineer
Jönköping Energi AB, 2006 - 2009
Employed as Shift manager where I, together with 5 colleagues and the Engineer in charge, is responsible for the production of district heating and electricity via steam turbines. The employment has made me in charge of four other employees on my shift with the responsibilities that comes with it; One Shift engineer and three Shift technicians.

Project Engineer/Operating Engineer
Jönköping Energi AB, 2004 - 2006
Employed to supervise the construction of a brand new energy-power plant for waste fuel in Jönköping. The project was divided in to 6 main fields; Boiler, Turbine, Fluid-Gas Cleaning, Auxiliary Systems, Electrical- & Digital Control System and finally Construction. Thou I was involved in all areas my main responsibility was the vast field of the different auxiliary systems that inhabit e.g. overhead traveling cranes, service- & maintenance cranes, shredder, auxiliary boiler, heat storage tank, district heating system, weigh bridges etc.

Camping Keeper
Humab / Hoting Turism AB, 2003
I worked as a camping keeper with the overall responsibility of the daily routines as well as over the other employees.

Camping Receptionist
Strömsunds Kommun, 2002
Employed as a receptionist at a local camping.

Hotings Färg & Diverse AB, 2000
Worked as a salesclerk in a paint and general store.

Vattudalens Skog & Fritid AB, 1999
Responsible for the saplings and the delivery of those.

Forest Planter
SCA Forest & Timber, 1993 - 1998
Worked seven summers with forest nursing, mainly plantation of new trees.

Hotings Byggvaruhandel AB, 1992
Worked as a construction worker for a summer at a local company.

Industrial Worker
Camfore Lamell AB, 1990 - 1991
Holiday work at a local wood industry, manufacturing storage shelves and lamina boards.



Basic Business Administration for Technicians, 10ECTS
Jönköping International Business School - Jönköping University, Jönköping 2008
Introduction course in basic business administration for practically working technicians. This means that the course involves knowledge about precise details and at the same time also has a more general approach to the subject.

BAM - Better Working Environment
Företagshälsan, Jönköping 2008
Basic education for 3 days with a overall perspective on the work environment.

Education in system knowledge; district heating
Hydroram AB, Jönköping 2008
Pressure head, steady and transient flow behaviour, production - consumption, pressure clocks etc.

ESA - Electrical Safety Directives
STF Ingenjörsutbildning, Jönköping 2007
Education in electrical safety that gain the particapants knowledge when it comes to identifiying risk factors and preventing incidents and electrical accidents.

ADR - Dangerous Goods by Road
Räddningsverket, Jönköping 2007
Education in the European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

Feed Water treatment
Ashland, Jönköping 2007
Education in feed water treatment for steam boiler plants with steam turbine.

Energy Optima 2000
Energy Opticon, Jönköping 2007
Energy Optima 2000 is Energy Opticon’s software system for the energy producing companies.

Supplier education
Various, Jönköping 2007
Education from all the main suppliers for the new heat and power plant. E.g. Fisia Babcock ENVIRONMENT GmbH (Boiler), ALSTOM Sweden (Flue Gas Cleaning), Blohm + Voss (Steam Turbine), Demag Cranes & Components (Overhead traveling cranes) etc.

Truck; B,C - education
BT Svenska, Jönköping 2006
Practical and theoretical exam for forklift and truck; B1, C2.

Team Manager
A1 - Collaboration and Team Spirit
Industriskolan, Göteborg 2004
The course focus on what tasks, responsibilities and authority a leader has. It deals with collaboration and team spirit, routines and development for personal, work management and work psychology, and finally information and decision technology. Plus that it gives excellent opportunities to test oneself as a leader.

A2 - Actual Cases together with Solutions
Industriskolan, Göteborg 2005
The main focus is on how a leader can and should act in different situations. How can I in a managerial position prevent, discover and attend to problems of abuse and harassment in the workplace? Or how do I manage minor mischief like late arrivals, long breaks and incorrectly executed work?

A3 - Practical Work Justice and Personnel Law
Industriskolan, Göteborg 2005
The course deals with the foundation of work justice and has foremost its starting point in Arbetsmiljölagen (AML) and Lagen om Anställningsskydd (LAS). The purpose is for the participants to gain greater knowledge and better self-confidence so they can act more effectively and accurate in problems where law, conditions, directives and company policy's are vital.

Energy & Operating Engineering
Mälardalen University, Jönköping 2005
Mixed education package specialized for Jönköping Energi to refresh the knowledge of the employees and prepare them for the new production plant. Contains mathematics, thermodynamics, energy technology, chemistry etc.

Feedback Control in Practice
Part 1
Edvik Automation AB, Göteborg 2004
Basic knowledge and skills in Feedback Control. The interaction between the Process and Controller. The function of P-, PI-, PD- and PID controller. The damping characteristics of the feedback control system. Methods for optimization of feedback control systems.

Part 2
Edvik Automation AB, Göteborg 2005
Advanced knowledge and skills in Feedback Control practiced on a steam boiler or simulated plant, Cascade control, Feedforward and Ratio control, Bring into service, Optimization and Evaluation.

Waste Incineration, ground course
RVF, Malmö 2005
The purpose with the course is to increase the knowledge and the understanding about what happens in the different steps at a waste to energy plant, plus convey a comprehensive picture about waste incineration.

"Directive 2000/76/EC in practice"
RVF, Jönköping 2005
The course comprehend a survey of the new Directive 2000/76/EC on the incineration of waste. The directive is incorporated into Swedish legislation and the demands on both the operation and the pollution to air and water will harden as a result of the directive. The course presents how this is going to influence the daily operation of a waste incineration plant.

Emerson Delta V, ground course 7009
Emerson Process Management, Karlstad 2005
The course treats the Delta V systems architecture and construction. The construction of the operators interface in Ifix and basic configuration of the system.

Microsoft Excel 2002
SYSteam, Jönköping 2005
Education beyond basic use of Microsoft Excel with a little more detailed approach on the functionality and work-flow.

Inflammable Hot Work
Svenska Brandförsvarsföreningen, Jönköping 2004
Welding, cutting, soldering, roofing or high-speed tools is fire hazardous. The insurance companies therefor demands that persons performing this is educated and follows certain safety rules and routines. This course gives you a certificate to prove that you meet those demands.

On-line Discipline-specific Language Learning
Umeå University, Umeå 2000
A brochure was needed urgently by a production company in Finland for distribution at a trade fair. Umeå students where recruited as outside consultants to suggest changes that should be made to an already existing brochure and to propose improvements. The suggestions were negotiated between Helsinki and Umeå via a video conference.

From Idea to Company
Uminova Center, Umeå 1999
Lecture about the refinement process from idea to a commercially useful product or service. Information, counseling and professional guidance to the process from idea to starting your own company. The purpose was to give the participants a general orientation in product and business development.



Military Service
Östersund 1996 - 1997
Swedish Armed Forces - F4, Jämtland Wing.

Hoting 1993 - 2000
Six years as chairman, two years as secretary and seven years responsible of the economics in a game and movie society that I took the initiative to start.

Drivers Licence
November 25, 1993 -
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